Cherry Pickin’s – November 2023

Cherry Pickin’s – November 2023

To laugh
       is to risk appearing the fool.

To weep
       is to risk appearing sentimental

To reach out for another
       is to risk exposing our true self.

To place our ideas, our dreams, before the crowd
       is to risk loss.

To love
       is to risk not being loved in return.

To hope
       is to risk despair.

To try
       is to risk failure

To live
       is to risk dying.

Such is the blessing and burden that we carry through life. There is no action that we can take which does not entail a risk. The paradox, of course, is that it is only through risking that we open the door to life’s greatest gifts.

During worship services in November we’ll approach this paradox from the perspective of “Generosity.” How does the experience of generosity influence the risks that you’re willing to take? Perhaps you’ve been the recipient of generosity from an unexpected source. Or, perhaps you’ve been on the other side of that interchange. In either case, you’ve encountered something important. 

Our religious community seeks to support people in generous risk-taking, especially when the stakes are high, for the sake of the greater good. Knowing that a community is ‘in your corner’ when you do, can make a great difference. And, even more so, when a risk does not have the desired result – you can count on Westminster being here for you, then, too.

In all of these ways, let’s grow into the ability to take the necessary risks to live generous lives – finding courage together in response to need when it arises.

With all good wishes,

Rev. Eric